XIA LLC produces advanced X-ray and gamma-ray digital signal processing electronics and related instruments with applications in research and industry.
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XIA Applications

Handheld & Benchtop XRF Systems

High Resolution and High Rate SEM Elemental Analysis and Imaging

Synchrotron Research Detectors

Industrial XRF Systems

HPGe Clover Detectors for Physics Research

Segmented HPGe Detectors for Physics Research

Low Background Gamma Counting

Compton Background Suppression

Scintillator Fast Timing

Pulse Shape Analysis and Neutron-Gamma Discrimination

High Rate and High Resolution Gamma Spectroscopy Systems

Other Detectors

Portable Gamma Spectroscopy

Low Background Alpha Counting

Featured Products


The UltraLo-1800 is a revolutionary low background alpha-particle counter that employs Electronic Background Suppression to drive achievable background rates to 0.0001 alpha/cm2/hr or lower. This is a factor of 50 or more better than can be achieved by the conventional proportional counter systems that are now commercially available.

The FalconX family of digital pulse processors combine a cutting-edge hardware platform with patented SITORO® signal processing technology, uniting unprecedented technical performance with an innovative 'plug & play' design. XIA's FalconX family of digital pulse processors achieve unprecedented throughput at high count rates.

The microDXP is a complete, low power digital x-ray spectroscopy system on a credit card-sized PC board that can easily be incorporated into a wide range of embedded and handheld instruments.

The microDGF is a variant of the microDXP specifically designed for high resolution gamma-ray detectors, such as HPGe, achieving premium energy resolution and stability even at moderate to high count rates.

The DGF Pixie-4e is a CompactPCI/PXI Express multichannel data acquisition system for fast radiation detectors in nuclear physics and other applications requiring coincident radiation detection. Each of the four channels accepts signals directly from a detector preamplifier or photomultiplier tube; signals are digitized in a 12-16 bit ADC at a rate of 125-500MHz.

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