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Pixie-500 Express (obsolete)

We recommend the Pixie-4 Express for new customers

Pixie Viewer Software

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Note: The Pixie-500e Download page contains links to Datasheets, Manuals, Application Notes and Articles.

Pixie Viewer is a graphical user interface written using IGOR from Wavemetrics (www.wavemetrics.com). It calls the user-accessible functions in the Pixie-500e driver to carry out the communication between the Pixie-500e modules and the interface. This graphical interface can be used to configure the Pixie-500e modules, to start, poll and stop a data acquisition run, or to display list-mode or MCA data read out from the Pixie-500e modules. It supports a multi-module Pixie-500e system with the capability of setting trigger distribution mode, coincidence pattern and other data acquisition options.

The Pixie-500e driver code comprises of a set of functions written in ANSI C. This driver was organized into a library through which Pixie users can call a few user accessible functions to implement the communication between the host and the Pixie modules. These functions translate physical quantities (number with SI units) into the bit patterns understood by the Pixie-500e 's on-board processors. This provides an easy-to-use interface for Pixie users to integrate the Pixie modules into their own data acquisition system. Sample code showing how to initialize or configure the Pixie modules, how to start or stop a run, and how to read data out of the modules will be provided to the users.

Please contact the Pixie-500e team at to discuss your application today!


Pixie-500e Express

500MHz Multichannel Digital Gamma Finder in PXIe format

Pixie-500e Downloads

Datasheets, Manuals, Application Notes and Articles, as well as downloadable software and firmware.

PXI Support Products
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PXI crates, computers, power supplies and more

Pixie-4 Express

125-500 MHz Multichannel DGF in PXIe format


16 integrated DGF channels on a single-width 6U PXI card

The Pixie Viewer supports Pixie-4 configuration, diagnostics, data acquisition and analysis:


  • Energy and trigger filter settings
  • Pulse shape analysis
  • Coincidence pattern and window setup
  • Detector/preamplifier settings
  • Gain and offset control

Data Acquisition

  • Select from 5 possible run types
  • Set run control parameters
  • Synchronization across Pixie-4 modules
  • Divide long runs into several data files
  • Specify data output options

Analysis and Statistics

  • Output statistics: ICR, OCR, realtime, livetime
  • Gaussian fits to MCA spectrum
  • Export spectra for additional analysis
  • Display list mode trace, event by event
  • Histogram list mode event energies


  • Digital oscilloscope
  • FFT analysis of input signals
  • Automatic fit of preamplifier exponential decay time
  • Tools for optimizing energy filter parameters
  • Tools for optimizing preamplifier exponential decay time


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