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DXP Family

Digital X-ray Processors

The DXP family of instruments combine computer-controlled analog and digital noise reduction, efficient pulse pileup inspection and precision multi-channel analysis to produce very high quality pulse-height spectra from preamplified solid-state x-ray and gamma-ray detector signals. With a patented architecture utilizing state of the art analog and digital electronic devices, the DXP sets the standard for x-ray and gamma-ray spectroscopy:

  • Compact replacement for shaping amplifier and MCA, with programmable peaking times ranging 125ns-80 microseconds, 40dB precision gain adjustment and 8K, 24-bit deep MCA bins!
  • Zero dead-time mapping modes: full spectrum, SCA and list-mode (XMAP and Mercury modules).
  • Optimal energy resolution with most x-ray detectors, with light element support for HPGe and Silicon Drift Detectors.
  • Maximum throughput greater than 1Mcps per channel
  • User directed data inspection criteria.
  • Accurate ICR and live-time reporting for precise dead-time corrections.
  • Real multi-channel analysis, allowing for optimal use of data to separate fluorescence signal from backgrounds.
  • External timing signals allow time-resolved data acquisition for XAFS and X-ray Mapping applications.
  • High data transfer rates for scanning applications.

The XIA Digital X-ray Processor uses proprietary architecture that is available in a growing list of implementations, including both ready-to-use instruments, and modular and semi-custom circuit boards suited to fit within larger instrumentation systems:

The FalconX family are radically new digital signal processors that employs the patented SiTORO® algorithms to achieve unprecedented throughput at high count rates, with applications in high-rate synchrotron X-ray analysis and high-rate XRF.

The DXP-XMAP is a PXI (Extended CompactPCI) module comprising 4 independent DXP channels with an improved architecture for time-resolved and mapping data acquisition modes. Combine modules to build a scalable multi-element detector instrumentation system. PXI crates and power supplies are sold separately.

The single-channel Mercury and four-channel Mercury-4 feature the latest mapping functions, a flexible auxiliary port for real-time digital I/O, and a high-speed USB 2.0 interface.

The credit-card-sized microDXP is a low-power processor allowing for very compact assemblies and extended battery life.

Further online information:

  • The DXP software page contains description of the host applications and drivers available from XIA.
  • The applications page can help potential customers find the right DXP product for their application.
  • The support page describes common problems and solutions

FalconX Family

Ultra High Performance
Digital X-Ray Processors with
SITORO® Algorithms


Four DXP channels with mapping functions on a single-width PXI card
DXP channel (benchtop enclosure or OEM circuit-board) with mapping functions, USB 2.0 interface and custom outputs.
4 DXP channels with mapping functions, USB 2.0 interface and custom outputs.
Micro-power, credit-card-sized DXP for portable applications.

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