Other XIA Products

XIA also manufactures accessory X-ray equipment for
synchrotron and laboratory research environments:

Model Ultra-LO 1800: Ultra Low Background Alpha Particle Counter

Brochure (PDF format 1.7MB)
Datasheet (PDF format 2.9MB)
Quick Start Guide (PDF format 1.7MB)
User Manual (PDF format 3.1MB)
Site Preparation Guide (PDF format 1MB)

The UltraLo-1800 is a revolutionary low background alpha-particle counter that employs Electronic Background Suppression to drive achievable background rates to 0.0001 alpha/cm2/hr or lower. This is a factor of 50 or more better than can be achieved by the conventional proportional counter systems that are now commercially available.

Ultra-LO 1800: Ultra Low Background Alpha Particle Counter

Model PhosWatch: Phoswich Well Detector for Radioxenon Monitoring

PhosWatch Product Brochure (PDF format 1.5MB)
Development of a Phoswich Detector for Radioxenon Field Measurements
(PDF format 357kB)
Radioxenon Measurements with the PhosWatch Detector System
(PDF format 1267kB)

The PhosWatch detector is a plastic scintillator cell surrounded by a CsI crystal. The cell can be filled with samples containing small amounts of radioactive xenon or radon gas. Since these isotopes emit beta particles or conversion electrons simultaneously with gamma rays or X-rays, beta-gamma coincidence can be used to suppress the natural background and increase the detector's sensitivity. Due to the well geometry of the detector, beta particles are mainly absorbed in the plastic scintillator and photons are mainly absorbed in the CsI, which leads to characteristiv fast/slow pulses from beta-gamma coincidence events. Using pulse shape analysis algorithms implemented in the DGF Pixie-4, the PhosWatch can thus detect coincidences and simultaneously measure beta and photon energies with a single electronics readout channel.

PhosWatch detector

Models PFCU/PF4/PFS2 - Filter/Shutter Inserter

The Model PF4 is designed to reproducibly attenuate an x-ray beam by inserting up to four filter foils under remote manual or computer control. In the Model PF2S2, thick absorber blades replace two filters to form a focal plane shutter.

The PFCU-4 is a flexible control unit for both Model PF4 Filter Inserters and Model PF2S2 Filter/Shutter Units. In a 1-wide NIM module, it implements both manual control, via front panel switches, and remote control, via either TTL I/O or RS-232 daisy chain.

PF4/PF2S2 Filter/Shutter Module Datasheet
(PDF format, 1.20MB, April 2015)
PF4/PF2S2 User's Manual
(May 2004, 199 KB, PDF)
PF4/PF2S2 Installation Drawing
(31 KB, PDF)
PF4/PF2S2 Barrel Mating Drawing
(13 KB, PDF)

PFCU NIM Control Module Datasheet
(PDF format, 264KB, May 2015)
PFCU User's Manual
(August 2005, 50 KB, PDF)

Filter/Shutter Inserter with optional RS-232 NIM controller


Detailed description in pdf format
(PDF format, 1.11MB, April 2015)
User's Manual
(PDF format, 898KB, April 2011)

The XIA Models DP-0X differential pumps provide a cost effective means of providing a windowless, direct, line-of-sight transition between an ultra-high vacuum (UHV) region (< 1 x 10-9 Torr) and a high vacuum (HV) region (< 1 x 10-4 Torr). Differential pumps traditionally consist of a series of pumps separated from each other and from the UHV region by flow restricting throttles. The DP-03 adheres to this arrangement, consisting of a pair of throttles separated by an active pumping region, but with the addition of a patented design feature that creates active pumping of line-of-sight molecules. An adapter nipple on one end facilitates connection to HV, while an adapter cross on the other end makes the connection to the UHV system as well as providing ports for pressure monitoring, viewing, and attaching the user supplied secondary pump which completes the system.

Differential Pump Series Windowless HV-UHV Isolation

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