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Preamplifier Power and PXI Trigger Breakout Module (PXI-PDM)

User's Manual - PXI-PDM (June 2009, 137KB)

The PXI Preamplifier Power and Trigger Breakout Module (PXI PDM) supports XIA’s XMAP and Pixie-4 data acquisition modules.

The PXI-PDM is manufactured in a 3U CompactPCI/PXI form factor and can reside in any peripheral slot (2-8) of a standard 3U chassis. Slot 2, the PXI Star Trigger slot, is the preferred location, as it allows the use of some additional functions.

Though manufactured in the CompactPCI/PXI form factor, the PXI PDM does not have a PCI interface and is thus not recognized by the PCI bus controller or host computer. It only uses power from the PCI backplane and connects to the PXI backplane lines used for clock and trigger distribution by Pixie-4 modules. The power is used to generate a low noise
preamplifier power supply; the clock and trigger lines can be brought to the PXI PDM front panel to connect to external electronics.

The PXI PDM provides four principal functions, namely
• Preamplifier power supply for a detector
• Clock distribution
• FPGA controlled pulser
• Access to backplane trigger signals

Please download and read the PXI-PDM User Manual for a complete description and specifications.


National Instruments
Crates and Controllers

We recommend using NI crates with a NI optical interface to a desktop PC.


Preamplifier Power Supply for Multi-Element Detector Systems


ISEG HV detector bias supply for PXI.

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