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Pixie-Net Software

The DAQ software of the Pixie-Net consists of a small set of C programs (API functions) applying settings to the PL and reading data from the PL. The API functions are called from the Linux command line or as CGI scripts from a web page. DAQ results can be viewed or downloaded via the web page, or copied over the network. Acquisition parameters are stored in an .ini file that is edited by the user to adjust parameter settings. A PC, smartphone or tablet is required to communicate with the Pixie-Net over the network, but data acquisition is fully contained in the Pixie-Net itself.

Users may modify the API functions (source code and gcc compiler is included in the Linux environment on the SD card). Applications can be executed from the SD card or a mounted USB drive.

The Pixie-Net software and manual can be downloaded from the Pixie-Net Releases page on XIA's support website.


NEW Pixie-Net

2-8 Channel, 125-500 MHz Desktop Digital Processor

Pixie-Net Downloads

Datasheets, Manuals, Application Notes and Articles, as well as downloadable software and firmware.

Pulse Shape Analysis with the Pixie-Net


When powered up, the Pixie-Net automatically boots the FPGA configuration and starts the Linux OS. There are several ways for a user to connect to the Pixie-Net Linux OS:    

  1. Serial port via USB-UART
  2. Network ssh terminal
  3. Web server
  4. SMB (Samba) file sharing

Option 1 requires serial port drivers on a USB master (PC). Options 2-4 require knowledge of the Pixie-Netís IP address. After logging in, a few setup programs have to be executed to set acquisition parameters (for example, specify gain and automatically adjust DC offsets).

Data Acquisition (basic terminal and web)

At this time, data acquisitions are started via terminal command line programs. Login is required if over the network. Progress can be monitored through a web interface that displays MCA spectra and run statistics. This is a webserver running on the Pixie-Net Linux system. After the run, MCA and list mode data files can be downloaded via the webserver or though file sharing in Windows Explorer.

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