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DXP Applications

Micro-power, credit-card sized DXP for portable applications.

Handheld & Benchtop XRF Systems

Handheld XRF instruments fulfill a critical role in metals sorting, mining, soil analysis, toxic materials regulatory compliance, coating thickness analysis, and more. Interfacing with SDDs and PIN diodes, XIA has served this market for more than a decade with the compact and low power microDXP signal processor. Similarly, benchtop XRF systems require spectroscopy electronics with a small footprint but with high performance for laboratory use. A recent upgrade to the microDXP has resulted in state-of-the-art energy resolution at output count rates up to 1 Mcps, providing faster, more accurate results.

Industrial XRF Systems

X-ray fluorescence is employed in various industrial processes. One example is large scale metal sorting using a conveyor belt system, which typically uses an x-ray tube source and an array of x-ray detectors to measure the characteristic fluorescence from scrap metal. XIA is uniquely positioned to address this type of embedded application with the OEM Mercury-4 processor card, or the xMap card when a high number (>8) of detector channels is required. The rapid handling and storage of data from multiple detectors facilitates real-time control of mechanical systems for metal sorting. Digital I/O lines are available for equipment control and feedback. For some industrial systems, the use of multiple low cost and compact microDXP boards provides another option.

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