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Low Background Alpha Counting using Electronic Background Suppression. READ MORE

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Advanced X-ray and Gamma-Ray Digital Signal Processing Electronics and Related Instruments. READ MORE

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Trusted on two planets ....
We are proud to have "XIA inside"
the Mars Rover Perseverance. READ MORE

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The FalconX is a radically new Digital Pulse Processor using SITORO patented signal processing technology for ultra-high count rate spectroscopy applications. READ MORE

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OEM and custom boards for embedded X-ray and gamma-ray applications. READ MORE

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Nuclear Spectroscopy Products

Digital nuclear spectroscopy with pulse shape analysis


X-ray Spectroscopy Products

Digital X-ray spectroscopy, ultra-high rate


Low Background Alpha Counting

Ultra-low Background Alpha Counters


Other Products

Differential Pumps, PXI Support Products


XIA LLC invents, develops and markets advanced digital data acquisition and processing systems for x-ray, gamma-ray, and other radiation detector applications in university research, national laboratories and industry. Our instruments fall into three broad categories – supporting x-ray detectors, gamma-ray detectors, and ultra-low background counting.

Our DXP x-ray detector electronics span the spectrum from low cost OEM cards for handheld and benchtop applications to PXI and standalone modules for ultra high rate counting at synchrotrons and elsewhere. Our gamma-ray detector electronics cover an ever wider range of (typically) research applications from pulse shape analysis using high speed scintillators to very high energy resolution HPGe spectrometry, to coincidence data collection in large nuclear physics detector arrays. Our ultra-low background instrumentation combines anticoincidence and pulse shape analysis to reliably count samples producing only a few counts per day.

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