The DGF Pixie-4 Spectrometer – Compact Digital Readout Electronics for HPGe Clover Detectors

by , , , | Oct 1, 2007 | Papers

Large volume HPGe detectors are commonly used in applications that require good energy resolution and high detection efficiency, but are expensive and difficult to grow. Clover detectors consisting of 4 smaller crystals in a common cryostat are a possible alternative, but traditionally require complex readout electronics. In contrast, the DGF Pixie-4 is a compact, digital spectrometer providing on a single 3U CompactPCI/PXI card all the electronics required for clover detectors, including computation of addback spectra.. This paper describes the DGF Pixie-4 system architecture, characterizes its energy resolution and throughput, and presents results of test measurements with a clover detector.

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