XIA provides everything necessary to build a PXI system incorporating XMAPPixie-4e, or Pixie-16 modules. The total cost is very competitive, especially for systems with many detector channels.

The following PXI products are available for purchase:

  • 3U and 6U PXI Support Modules & Crates
  • XIA’s XPPS provides preamplifier power for large multi-element detector systems.
  • The EHQxxx is a PCI HV detector bias supply manufactured by ISEG, available for resale.

Why PXI?

The high speed of the PCI bus provides the fast readout necessary for list-mode acquisition and scanning applications. The flexibility of the customizable PXI connections allows for synchronizing modules and events in multi-channel systems.

System in a Crate

If possible, we strongly recommend limiting all detector signal, communications and power connections to a single instrumentation chassis, so as to prevent grounding and shielding issues from arising.

Conventional detector systems typically include a shaping amplifier, an MCA, preamplifier and detector power supplies, and any number of gating or timing modules. When these components are housed separately, each ground connection introduces a potential source of noise. Unless carefully orchestrated, even a system comprised of individually well-designed components will display unwanted pickup due to ground loops and stray coupling.

Much of the problem is inherently taken care of in XIA digital pulse processor systems, as the functions of the shaping amplifier, MCA and timing modules have already been reduced to a single printed circuit card. Power supplies for the detector(s) and preamplifiers, as well as ground connections at the detector must also be considered.

Contact XIA for pricing and other PXI information.