We’ve pioneered the world of digital data acquisition since the late 1980s. Our team makeup includes scientists and engineers. Their teamwork combines to imagine and implement ingenious products that push the leading edge.

With our breadth of knowledge, we serve a wide range of verticals. Our instruments provide high quality data for Ph.D. thesis experiments. Borehole drilling systems rely on our signal processing for critical radiation detection. We even have our technology on Mars in the Perseverance rover!

Our innovation comes from our strong R&D background. Many of our products come from SBIR research grants. Many of our engineers hold patents related to their work. The team hates seeing an unsolved problem.

We’ve always delivered products and services that meet or exceed expectations. We’re proud to prove that commitment through our ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our quality system audits products’ and services’ design, manufacture, and sale.

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