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Pixie-16 – Datasheet
(April 14, 2021 361KB PDF)

Software and Release Notes:

Get the latest Pixie-16 software and documentation
Now accessible via the XIA Wiki Release page


Pixie-16 User Manual

Pixie-16 Programmer’s Manual

Application Notes:

Use of CsI(Na) in High Count Rate Applications
(DGF-AN-004, PDF format – 372 KB in size)

Characterizing CdTe, CdZnTe, HgI2 and similar detectors
(DGF-AN-005, PDF format – 379 KB in size)

Particle Identification by Real Time Pulse Shape Analysis in CsI(Tl), Phoswiches, and other Scintillators
(DGF-AN-006, PDF format – 561 KB in size)

Optimizing the Energy Resolution
(DGF-AN-001 – approximately 35 KB in size)

Using the DGF-4C with Scintillator Detectors
(DGF-TN-003 – approximately 22 KB in size)

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