XIA LLC produces advanced X-ray and gamma-ray detector electronics and related instruments for applications in research, medicine, and industry. Please use the following link for a description of the company profile and history.

  Ongoing Research and Development:

  • X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Detector Electronics
  • Detectors for Nuclear Applications
  • Detectors for Medical Applications
  • Low Noise Preamplifier Design
  • Digital Signal Processing with FPGAs and DSPs
  • Real-Time Programming
  • Graphical User Interfaces for Instrument Configuration and Data Acquisition
  • Automated Testing of Firmware and Software

Open Positions

We are hiring! We are looking for talented individuals to join our team in the following open positions:

For details on how to apply, please see the appropriate Position Description above.

Skills We Are Looking For

We are always interested in speaking with candidates who meet the qualifications below.

We will consider people with Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.’s or Post Doc’s, with or without additional experience. If you have skills in the areas mentioned below, please let us know you are out there. Electrical engineers, engineering physicists, and experimental physicists are often well prepared to tackle our problems and are particularly encouraged to apply.

Candidates expertise should include, in no particular order:

    1. Analog electronics design for very low noise (1-20 MHz region).
    2. ASIC design, fabrication, and test, both Digital/Analog
    3. Detector development (solid state, scintillator+CCD, or related).
    4. Digital electronics design (gate arrays or Digital Signal Processing systems preferred).
    5. DSP processor code design and development. (Analog Devices AD2181 and/or SHARC preferred.)
    6. Graphical User Interface development, PC-based
    7. Interfacing data acquisition and detector electronics to computers.
    8. Production Engineering, PC board layout.
    9. Radiation physics, medical x-ray physics experience.
    10. Scientific Programming for non-trivial analysis or experimental control.
      (C, Java, C++, LabView, X-windows).
    11. Synchrotron Experimental Experience: XAS preferred, X-ray diffraction OK.
    12. Test/Measurement instrument design at module or system level.
    13. Writing: Good scientific writing skills are quite important; success with funded proposals a plus, of course.
    14. X-ray instrumentation design for commercial applications

About the company

XIA LLC, formerly X-ray Instrumentation Associates, is a high tech firm in the business of inventing, developing and marketing advanced digital data acquisition and processing systems for x-ray and gamma-ray detector applications in university research, national laboratories and industry . While our original source of support was from Federal Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants, with minor support from product sales, we currently manufacture and sell about a dozen instruments, in 4 product families, at prices ranging from $500 to over $90,000. We are located in California, on the east side of San Francisco Bay.

XIA offers a friendly yet highly stimulating technical environment. We currently employ 13 Scientists/Engineers and 3 support staff. We regularly collaborate with US National Laboratories and industrial partners, carrying out original, publishable scientific research, as well as more conventional product-oriented engineering. Our “corporate culture” is thus a challenging but rewarding mix of academic intellectual rigor and nuts and bolts engineering. Successful candidates will be intellectually stimulated both by working with top-level specialists, inside the company and out, and by developing products that significantly advance the state of the art.

We require people who possess multiple areas of expertise and acquire new ones readily. For our research staff, we are therefore seeking individuals who not only excel at innovative research but also enjoy the engineering process required to reduce research to product practice. Since our customers engage in advanced research, we must understand (and sometime collaborate in) that research to meet their instrumentation needs. For our production staff, we are seeking individuals with the experience and discipline to create and operate the systems required to function efficiently as we continue to grow.

We offer flexible work schedules, an informal working environment, and lots of interesting problems and opportunities for career growth. We’ll give you as much opportunity as you can handle. We pay reasonable salaries and benefits and have programs for profit sharing and employee equity ownership.

How to Apply

To be considered for general employment at XIA LLC, please send a CV and a short letter summarising your interests and relevant background to:

Dr. Peter Grudberg, President
e-mail: peter@xia.com

Dr. William Warburton, VP of Advanced R&D
e-mail: bill@xia.com

2744 East 11th Street
Oakland, CA 94601 USA

Phone: +1-510-401-5760
FAX: +1-510-401-5761