XIA’s offers both host software and driver support for the microDXP and microDGF

ProSpect is a full featured Windows application, available to all users (pictured below).

The Handel driver libraries are available to users who wish to use their own software to acquire data. The goal is to provide an interface to the hardware in spectroscopic units (eV, microseconds, etc…) while still allowing for safe, direct access to the DSP.

ProSpect- Windows Configuration and Data Acquisition Software

Get the latest microDXP ProSpect release

ProSpect is included as part of the Development Kit, which also includes the hardware necessary to get started with the microDXP. All customers must purchase a Development Kit with their first mircoDXP or microDGF order.


  • Detector/Preamplifier settings
  • Peaking time optimization (via parameter sets stored in non-volatile memory)
  • MCA format (number of bins, bin granularity…etc.)
  • Update firmware using the XUP utility
  • Settings import/export for multiple identical systems

Spectrum Acquisition

  • parameter-set-based acquisition
  • Preset fixed-length/count runs
  • Online and offline calibration
  • Variable bin depth for faster readout

Analysis and Statistics

  • Dynamic Regions of Interest (ROI)
  • Gaussian fits to multiple ROIs
  • Output statistics: ICR, OCR, realtime, deadtime
  • Panning and zooming to examine spectrum features
  • Linear and logarithmic displays
  • Export spectra for additional analysis


  • Digital oscilloscope
  • Baseline histogram and history views
  • DSP parameter editor


Driver Libraries: Handel

Handel is a high-level device driver that provides an interface to the hardware in spectroscopic units (eV, microseconds, etc…). Handel requires a single configuration file in order to start the system. For more information, please consult the Handel API or contact us at support@xia.com.

Get the latest microDXP/DGF Handel Driver release and documentation