This page describes common applications for the microDGF. Click the links below to see all XIA and other Nuclear spectroscopy applications.

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Other Nuclear spectroscopy applications

Portable Gamma Spectroscopy

In recent decades, portable gamma spectroscopy has come to supplement and even replace the traditional radiation monitor for many health physics and security applications. Knowledge of the isotopic composition of unknown radioactive material is key to identifying potential threats or hazards and distinguishing them from naturally occurring sources of radiation. Both semiconductor and scintillator detectors are used for this purpose. The low power and compact microDGF is designed specifcially for high resolution HPGe gamma detectors. Its low noise input and wide dynamic range gives state-of-the-art energy resolution, (<0.14% at 1332 keV). For other types of solid state detectors and scintillators, the versatile  microDXP  works with almost any preamplifier output signal and is the natural choice for many handheld and portable gamma applications.

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