Digital Pulse Processors for OEM Applications

XIA has a proven track record supplying digital pulse processing boards for embedded applications. Our flexible front-end design and digital filters provide premium performance with almost any x-ray or gamma-ray detector type. Digital I/O lines are available for control of external devices such as HV supplies and logic inputs for gating. XIA specializes in both hardware and firmware customization to meet demanding applications where form-factor, power, and custom algorithms are critical design factors. OEM applications of XIA digital processor boards include:


    • Handheld XRF for materials inspection
    • Benchtop XRF for Quality Control
    • Benchtop microXRF for materials analysis and 2D mapping
    • Downhole Gamma-spectroscopy for mineral exploration
    • Handheld Gamma-spectroscopy for Nuclear Safeguards & monitoring
    • Portal monitoring for Nuclear materials transportation
    • Xenon isotope monitoring for CTBT verification

    Special Features for Embedded OEM Applications:

    • Low Size, Weight & Power
    • Customizable footprint to match application
    • Operating Firmware stored on-board in non-volatile memory
    • Custom Firmware available
    • Open access to XIA’s API for easy software integration
    • I/O ports for control and monitoring of external devices