The FalconX is a radically new digital signal processor that combines a cutting-edge hardware platform with patented SITORO® signal processing technology, uniting unprecedented technical performance with an innovative “plug & play” design.

  • 4 Mcps output count rate per channel
  • < 180 eV FWHM at 2 Mcps OCR (with premium SDD)
  • 1-8 channels, with expandable rack option for large systems
  • Low dead-time at all count rates
  • Fast Mapping and List Mode options
  • Gigabit Ethernet with Webserver interface
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Many of today’s digital pulse processors suffer debilitating pulse pile-up even at low count rates. The FalconX instruments use powerful SITORO® algorithms to accurately process almost all detected radiation events even at high count rates, recovering data discarded by other pulse processors and delivering superior spectral quality. As a result, unprecedented throughput at high count rates can be achieved. For example, only 12% dead-time at 1 Mcps output, and a maximum output count rate of about 4 Mcps.

The FalconX delivers analysis dramatically faster than conventional pulse processors, with minimal resolution degradation from low to high count rates. The FalconX eliminates the need to adjust shaping times across count rates, and offers flexibility to optimize analysis for highest resolution, highest throughput or a combination of both, and excellent pulse pair resolution of less than 30 nanoseconds.

The FalconX is available with 1 through 8 channels activated. For larger systems, multiple units can be easily combined on a fast network, with the option of clean rack mounting.

XIA designed the FalconX with simplicity and flexibility in mind. It is compact, highly portable, compatible out of the box with virtually all detectors, and requires minimal setup.

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Form Factor

Desktop, Rack



Data Format

Event, MCA, Waveform



  • Compatible with virtually any detector
  • Intuitive Graphical User
  • Interface Simple setup and auto-calibration
  • Web status monitoring and instrument management
  • List Mode operation
  • Synchronized time-binned spectra
  • 32 auxiliary hard-wired digital I/O connections for custom application
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