The MZ Trigger I/O Board (MZTIO) is a break-out board for the Pixie-16 PXI chassis backplane providing real-time access to Pixie-16 logic signals. Based on a Zynq processor, it

  • connects backplane trigger signals to front panel I/O through open source FPGA fabric
  • supports removable daughtercards for custom I/O standards
  • controls and monitors triggering via embedded Linux and websites
  • can synchronize system clocks and triggers over Ethernet using IEEE 1588 (PTP)

The Pixie-16 MZ TrigIO (MZTIO) provides a modern solution to handling trigger logic. Using a Zynq processor that combines full Linux with programmable FGPA logic, it not only connects triggers and multiplicity information from the backplane of a Pixie-16 system to external I/O, but also allows to make logic combinations, set operating modes, and monitor status. The MZTIO is operated via Linux command line and displays results on local websites.

Built with flexibility in mind, you can access the trigger signals from

  • the embedded system,
  • the front panel connections,
  • custom daughter cards, or
  • through on-board cable connectors.

The MZTIO can act as a clock master for the Pixie-16 chassis, and synchronize its clock over the Ethernet using IEEE 1588 (PTP) or SyncE. You can also use this unit as a stand alone device, for example to convert I/O signals of different standards or generate digital signals synchronous with time and date of a PTP clock master.

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