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The Pixie-4 family of all-digital waveform acquisition and spectrometer cards includes the Pixie-4, Pixie-500, Pixie-500 Express and Pixie-4 Express.

  • Designed for HPGe detectors and compatible with most scintillator/PMT combinations.
  • Graphical User interface and programmatic control via a C API library
  • Supports coincidence gated acquisition, pulse shape analysis, and constant fraction timing
  • 3U PXI(e) format allows for compact, expandable data acquisition systems and integration of commercial PXI modules.
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The Pixie-4 family members are 4-channel all-digital waveform acquisition and spectrometer cards based on the CompactPCI/PXI Express (PXIe) standard. The members differ in terms of data interface (PCI or PCI Express) and digitization rate (75-125 MHz and 500 MHz). The PXI backplane is also used to distribute clocks and trigger signals between multiple Pixie modules. With a large variety of CompactPCI/PXI Express processor, controller or I/O modules being commercially available, complete data acquisition and processing systems can be built in a small form factor.

We designed the slower Pixie-4 family members with HPGe signals in mind, the faster members for timing with fast scintillators. That doesn’t mean that’s the only systems they works with. The on-board filtering processes signals from virtually any radiation detector with exponentially decaying pulses. The pulse processing logic also supports pulse-shape analysis, constant fraction discrimination, and coincidence gating. This allow you to focus on just the events of interest while ignoring the rest

A fully featured graphical user interface is used to operate the system and view results. Custom analysis scripts can be added by the user. The underlying C API library handles communication between the hardware and host system and can be used by user programs to collect data programmatically. The system collects a full suite of data about the signals including waveforms, time stamps, energies, and other event information. You can collect these data using the list-mode data output for offline processing.

Additional information


PXI, PXI Express

Digitization Frequency (MHz)

75, 125, 500

Bit Resolution

14, 16



Data Format

Event, MCA, Waveform



Form Factor


Pulse Shape

Exponential Decay, Semi-Gaussian, Semi-Rectangular

Time Resolution



Coincident, External, Free