The Pixie-Net is a multi-channel digital spectrometer for radiation detectors in desktop format with integrated processor, networking and USB resources. No PC is required for operation. Advantages include:

  • Compact desktop or OEM card formats
  • Embedded processor with Linux OS, – no PC required
  • Web Server interface for remote operation
  • High Performance specification: 250 MSPS at 12-bit resolution
  • Optional IEEE 1588 PTP time synchronization over network
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The Pixie-Net combines an embedded Linux system with XIA’s digital pulse processing developed on the Pixie PXI/PXIe spectrometer series. Incoming signals are digitized at 250 MSPS with 12-bit ADCs.  Using a ZYNQ All Programmable SoC with programmable logic (FPGA) and a dual-core ARM® processor on the same chip, the ADC data stream is captured and processed in the FPGA section and the ARM processor writes the results to a local SD card or USB drive, or makes them available on a web server. Multiple units can share signals though GPIO.

Additional information

Bit Resolution

12, 14



Digitization Frequency (MHz)


Data Format

Event, MCA, Waveform

Form Factor

Desktop, OEM


Ethernet, USB


Coincident, External, Free

Time Resolution

nanoseconds, picoseconds

Pulse Shape

Exponential Decay, Semi-Gaussian, Semi-Rectangular



  • Compact standalone detector readout electronics.
  • 4 channels, 12-bit, 250 MSPS pulse processor.
  • 32K on-board MCA spectrum per channel.
  • Waveform capture and Pulse Shape Analysis.
  • Sub-nanosec Timing Resolution.
  • Embedded Linux platform (based on Ubuntu 15)
  • Front and back panel digital I/O signals.
  • Gbit Ethernet
  • Local data storage on removable USB drive or SD card
  • 1 GB processor memory
  • Web interface
  • No PC required for setup and operation
  • Open source C/C++ data acquisition software
  • Optional IEEE 1588 PTP time synchronization over network
  • Approx. 8x8x14cm, 1 kg, 18 W
  • Low cost