MZTIO Trigger I/O Board for Pixie-16

While each Pixie-16 module can produce custom logic signals based on user-defined criteria, accessing and combining such signals from multiple Pixie-16 modules requires external hardware.

XIA has developed the MZTIO (MicroZed-based Trigger I/O) as a break-out board for the Pixie-16 PXI chassis backplane to provide real-time access to Pixie-16 logic signals in a flexible manner. Clock and logic signals generated by a Pixie-16 system are routed to a Zynq SoC supporting 1588 PTP time synchronization, where they can be combined in a user-programmable fashion via open source firmware/software, before being output to LVDS connections on the front panel. Alternate output connections can be accommodated via custom I/O daughter-cards.

The MZTIO accessory enhances a customer’s Pixie-16 data acquisition system by providing a flexible and customizable real-time interface to external systems. A brochure, manual, and firmware & software is available for download. For more information, please contact XIA.

XIA Custom Crate

XIA is pleased to provide a customized 6U crate from Wiener for Pixie-16 systems. A Download is available here. Please contact XIA for further details.

PXI Crates and Controllers

XIA is pleased to provide National Instruments 3U PXI equipment for resale. Complete systems can be assembled and tested at XIA before delivery.

Our recommended base system comprises a crate with 4 to 18 slots (shown above) combined with a MXI-4 fiber-optic controller kit (shown below). This provides for desktop or lab PC control with no ohmic connection to the PXI instrumentation system.

Visit National Instruments online for further description