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The Pixie-4 family of all-digital waveform acquisition and spectrometer cards includes the Pixie-4, Pixie-500, Pixie-500 Express and Pixie-4 Express.

  • Designed for HPGe detectors and compatible with most scintillator/PMT combinations.
  • Graphical User interface and programmatic control via a C API library
  • Supports coincidence gated acquisition, pulse shape analysis, and constant fraction timing
  • 3U PXI(e) format allows for compact, expandable data acquisition systems and integration of commercial PXI modules.
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User's ManualManualPixie-4Download
User's ManualManualPixie-500Download
User's ManualManualPixie-4eDownload
User's ManualManualPixie-500eDownload
External Event RejectionTechnical NotePixie-4, Pixie-4eDownload
Programmer's ManualManualPixie-4, Pixie-500/500eDownload
Pulse Shape Analysis FirmwareTechnical NotePixie-500Download
Pulse Shape AnalysisTechnical NotePixie-500eDownload


LabVIEW DemoDemoPixie-4Windows32 or 64-bitDownload
LabVIEW DemoDemoPixie-4eWindows32 or 64-bitDownload
Pixie ViewerAPI/GUIPixie-4Windows 1032 or 64-bitView Release
Pixie ViewerAPI/GUIPixie-500Windows 732-bitView Release
Pixie ViewerAPI/GUIPixie-4e, Pixie-500eWindows 732-bitView Release