The UltraLo-1800 is a windowless, ultra low background alpha particle counter designed to measure the alpha particle emissivity of solid materials.

  • Electronic Background Suppression: Dramatically reduces counting times; measure ULA samples in hours or days, not weeks or months.
  • Advanced sample analysis: Energy information allows for the identification of isotopes on sample surfaces
  • Complete instrument control via CounterMeasure: Run management, data analysis, system health metrics, and much more.

CounterMeasure // Control Software

CounterMeasure – the interface to the UltraLo-1800 system – is a powerful data collection, analysis, and instrument control application. The software capabilities include the display of: energy spectra, time stamped events, system health metrics, measurement error evolution, and much more. Sophisticated yet intuitive, this tool provides users with unique insights into their alpha particle emission measurments.

  • Robust Data Management: Easily access and review both current and historical measurement data.
  • Data Export: Generate and save datasets in convenient ASCII format.
  • Report Generation: Save measurement results to PDF reports.

CounterMeasure in action (accelerated time lapse)

Measurement Data Display Capabilities: Emissivity & Alpha Counts

particle counting equipment

Estimate of sample emissivity (with error bars) is continuously updated as the measurement proceeds.
Sample alpha counts time stamped throughout measurement.

Measurement Data Display Capabilities: Energy Spectra

  • Amplitude of signals is proportional to alpha particle energy deposited in gas.
  • The UltraLo measures the energy of every alpha particle and generates energy spectra for every sample measured.
  • Identify surface vs bulk contamination issues.