Performance Category


Required counting time for measurement of ULA (0.001) sample1(50%) 6hrs, (25%) 24hrs, (12.5%) 90hrs – (meas accuracy) time
Required counting time for measurement of LA (0.01) sample1(50%) 30 min, (25%) 2.5hrs, (12.5%) 9hrs – (meas accuracy) time
Typical counter efficiency> 90% of 2pi
Energy Resolution (230Th source)< 9% FWHM (at 4.6MeV)
Energy sensitivity range1.5-10 MeV
Sample sizes (typical min – max)300mm wafer (707 cm2) – 1800 cm2
1 – Sample assumed to be 300mm wafer (count times drop by factor of 2.5 when using max sample area)



Minimum sample size (typical)300mm wafer (707cm2)
Maximum sample size1800cm2
Maximum sample weight20 lbs (9 kg)
Maximum sample thickness0.25 in (6.3 mm)
Counting gasArgon (boiloff recommended)
Gas pressure21psi (150kPa) ± 5%
Line Voltage100-240 (VAC) 50/60Hz
Power consumption (Instrument)50 W (100 W maximum)
Power consumption (Laptop)30 W
System dimensions (L x W x H)65 in x 35 in x 27 in (165 cm x 89 cm x 69 cm)
Weight360 lb (163 kg)

Counting system includes

  • Counting Module – Sample handline, measurement chamber, signal processing electronics.
  • Support Module – Power supplies, gas control, etc
  • Laptop – Windows 7 professional, x64
  • CounterMeasure – Sophisticated data collection, analysis, and instrument control application
  • Support – One year of service and support