Advanced Alpha Particle Emission Metrology

The UltraLo-1800 is a revolutionary new design for low background alpha particle counters that employs electronic background suppression to drive achievable background rates to 0.0001 alphas/cm2/hr and below. This is a factor of 50 or more better than can be achieved by the conventional proportional counter systems that are currently available, and results in:

  • Dramatically reduced counting times
  • Repeatable & reliable measurement results
  • Advanced sample analysis
  • Robust data management


Materials Screening

Monitor your ultra low alpha materials (0.001 alphas/cm2/hr) with accurate measurements in just one day.

Quality Control

Ensure that the materials you receive satisfy your design requirements by using the most sensitive instrument available.

Quality Assurance

Certify that the product you ship complies with your customers’ specifications.