Time Resolved XAS Data Collection with an XIA DXP-4t Spectrometer

by | Jan 1, 1997 | Application Notes

From a research point of view, time resolved experiments can be divided into two categories: single shot experiments and cyclically repetitive experiments. The former can only be carried out once per sample, the experiment typically either destroys the sample or transforms it into a new state from which it is difficult to return to the original. Chemical reactions often fall into this category. Cyclically repetitive experiments, on the other hand, are carried out on materials can be returned to their starting state, allowing the experiment to be repeated as often as necessary to collect data of interest. Many mechanical, electrical, and phase equilibrium experiments fall into this category. Biological systems may fall into either category. The DXP-4T, a recently introduced, modified version of the DXP-4C Digital X-ray Spectrometer, can be applied to XAS studies of either class of cyclically repetitive experiment.

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