The MicroComU board is designed to facilitate the adoption and use of the microDXP. To this end, the MicroComU includes various features to support and extend the functionality of the MicroDXP board. The MicroComU is designed to mate to a MicroDXP and be used as a set.

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The MicroComU may be used as part of a development kit to aid customers doing custom designs by providing an example of how to interface to the MicroDXP. Alternatively, the MicroComU may also be used as a companion board, where customers would simply order a MicroComU for every MicroDXP.

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Form Factor



RS-232, USB



  • Provides a standard USB port connection to the microDXP
  • Generates and routes all necessary DC supply voltages from a single +5V input (via either USB or input power connector)
  • Includes LED indicators (Error, I/O, RunActive, etc.)
  • Provides access to the I2C bus
  • Provides access to the microDXP/DGF GATE input
  • Provides access to the auxiliary digital I/O lines