Pixie-16 Crate

The Pixie-16 PCIe Crate is a 19” x 9U enclosure to house up to 13 XIA Pixie-16 modules, featuring a removable fan tray and power supply.

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The modular design is based on the following components from WIENER Power Electronics, GmbH1 :

  • UEV 6023-S Bin with 14-slot backplane:
    • Pin 1: PXIe Controller Slot.
    • Pins 2-14: PXI compliant custom backplane for P-16 modules.
  • UEL 6020 EX3 fan tray.
  • UEP 6021 power supply.

The microprocessor controlled power supply and fan tray provide advanced integrated diagnostics and monitoring. An alphanumeric high-visibility LED displays all fan tray, bin and power supply parameters such as voltages, currents, power, temperature and set-up data. Remote monitoring is available through Ethernet, RS232 and CAN-bus interfaces.

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