The XIA Model DP-03 differential pumps provide a cost effective, windowless, direct, line-of-sight transition between an ultra-high vacuum (UHV) region (< 1 x 10-9 Torr) and a high vacuum (HV) region (< 1 x 10-6 Torr).

  • Windowless HV to UHV vacuum isolation
  • Five orders Pressure Isolation
  • Clear through aperture to 10 mm H x 14 mm W
  • Standard form only 34″ long overall
  • Line of sight pumping
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What size apertures can you support?

Standard aperture sizes are up to 15mm horizontal by 12mm vertical. Apertures are normally rectangular but other profiles can be manufactured as well.

Additionally, thanks to recent design efforts to support more beamline applications, the DP-03 can support up to 49mm by 18.5mm apertures. However, it must be noted that performance at higher aperture sizes has not been verified by XIA, and there are indications from customer data that a straight extrapolation from the standard regime is incorrect. If you want to know more about performance at larger apertures, contact us at support@xia.com.

I have specific needs on my beamline, can you support them?

Every DP-03 is custom-built, and we’ve customized almost every aspect of the pump design at some point. Contact us at support@xia.com and let us know what you need, we’ll be able to tell you if it’s possible. But it likely is!

What kind of pressure differentials does the DP-03 create?

The pressure differentials that the DP supports depends heavily on the aperture size, the smaller the aperture, the greater the differential. The formula is available in section 1.5 of the DP-03 User Manual. As an example, a pump with 7x7mm throttle openings on both ends would expect to see about 10-10 Torr upstream when the downstream pressure is 10-6 Torr.

A graph of projected performance versus input pressure is below:

What kind of HV Feedthrough does the DP-03 come with?

The DP-03 supports a number of different feedthroughs based on customer needs. The most commonly ordered ones are the Gamma Vacuum SHV10 Safecon style, and the Varian HVFT-5125 or HVFT-5143. The ion pump controller is not included with the DP-03, so the feedthrough should be chosen to match your lab’s standard.

Can you make the DP-03 shorter or longer?

Making the DP-03 longer is straightforward, as we can just extend the adapter nipple and cross. This would allow extension of the throttle tubes as well, improving pump performance.

Making the DP-03 shorter is significantly more difficult. We can shorten the adapter nipple and cross, which will cause the throttle tubes to extend into the rest of the the beamline. Beyond that, we could potentially shorten the pump body, but this would likely have an NRE fee as it is beyond our standard customizations.

What is the process of buying a DP-03 like?

Hopefully easy and satisfying! Because the DP-03 is often going into a new beamline, we realize that needs can evolve over time. Generally speaking, these are the steps:

  1. The scientists and engineers determine the specs of the pump, which are:
    1. The upstream and downstream throttle sizes (not necessarily the same).
    2. Whether they will use the XIA adapter nipple and cross, or something made in-house.
    3. Which HV Feedthrough to use.
    4. Any other customizations that will be needed (specific target sockets, nipple/cross dimensions, etc).
  2. Those specs are communicated to XIA to determine feasibility.
  3. A purchase order is placed.
  4. XIA builds a 3D model and associated drawing package of the custom pump.
  5. XIA provides a document specifying the customizations, along with projected performance and some other data, for the customer to approve and sign.
  6. After final design approval, XIA begins the procurement process, which can take up to 4 months.
  7. When the parts arrive at XIA, final assembly and inspection will begin.
  8. The pump is shipped to the customer facility.

Of course, because each beamline is unique, and the DP-03 often slated for inclusion from the beginning of the design process, we know that step 1 often takes a few iterations to get right. We are eager to help in any way we can to make the design process easier.

Do you have a 3D model I can use while designing my beamline?

We do! You can find it above in the documents section. There’s a step model attached with a nominal throttle size. We can provide customizations as needed, just contact us at support@xia.com for requests for customizations to the pump model.

Do I need to bake the pump after I receive it?

Yes, the pump needs to be baked out according to standard local practice after arriving at your facility. The pump is shipped assembled and cleaned, but not pumped down or baked. For more details on the installation process see Section 2 of the User’s Manual.

What alignment features does the DP-03 have?

The DP-03 comes with 4 target sockets mounted on its 8” flanges (two on each side), which are intended to be used by your local metrology group to precisely locate the throttle apertures relative to the beam. The socket has a 0.25” unthreaded hole to accept the target ball. The intention is that, prior to install, with the adapter nipple and cross removed, your standard targets will be placed into the sockets and measurements made from the throttles to the targets. Then after install and bake out the targets will serve as your alignment feature. For more on this process see Section 2 of the User’s Manual.

If your group uses target balls that require a different mating feature, we can customize the sockets on the DP-03 to match it. Just let us know the necessary dimensions.

How do I mount the DP-03?

The DP-03 comes with a mounting bracket for installation onto a support platform of your design. The hole locations are shown in the DP-03 mechanical drawing.

How does the DP-03 work?

Unlike standard differential pumping that works through purely geometric means, the DP-03 can actively pump out “line of sight” atoms traveling roughly parallel to the beamline. This done by passing the beamline through Penning cells, creating a plasma field that can ionize and trap atoms just as a standard ion pump. By removing those atoms in addition to those excluded by the standard throttling technique, the DP-03 offers more efficient pumping in a smaller package than standard differential pumps. For more details on the DP-03, see the User’s Manual.

Can the DP pump isolate from HV above 1 x 10-6 Torr)?

Yes! For short periods of time. The life of an ion pump depends on the operating pressure. The typical operating life for a Triode element is 50,000 hours @ 1 x 10-6 torr or 5000 hours at @ 1 x 10-5 torr.